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A series of podcasts by Women in the Arts, Inc. to introduce you to the life, work, and legacy of contemporary women artists and art-industry leaders.

On This Episode

Katherine Page

Curator of Art and Education
Orlando, Florida

By Natalia Guerrero

Katherine Page seeks out and celebrates the autonomy of the human spirit in each facet of her role as Curator of Art and Education at the Mennello Museum of American Art. 

For the past six years, Page has taught the "CSA at the Museum" program, a youth art education partnership between Women in the Arts, Inc. and the Mennello Museum.

This fall semester, students experienced the exhibition "Floating Beauty: Women in the Art of Ukiyo-e" and created artwork inspired by the pieces in the show. We take a deep dive into Japan at the end of the 19th century, the European trend of japonisme, and an unlikely friendship between Monet and the American Impressionist painter, Lilla Cabot Perry.

We also discuss Page's vision for students learning from teaching artists as an integral part of their own artistic formation, and reflect on the Fall 2021 "CSA at the Museum" program.

Lastly, we look ahead to the next exhibition at the Mennello, "Through Darkness to Light: Photographing the Underground Railroad," and Page describes the power in art which elevates the autonomy of the human spirit.

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