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2020 CSA Art Challenge

Welcome! We are excited you are participating in this year's art challenge. For each of the challenges in this week's set, there is a recommended grade level. However you are free to choose any of the challenges from the set. You may also do the challenge with the assistance of a family member. 

Challenge set #2 | July 4, 2:00 PM

Happy 4th. of July! 

Complete at least one project preferably the same day or during the week. Due by July 11, before 2:00 PM.

Email or text the image or short video clip of your completed project, including your first and last name to womeninthearts@gmail. com or (407) 900-5918‬. 

Instagram #artchallengecsa


Origami Heart

by Mr. Aki

This challenge is recommended for all ages. Parental assistance and supervision as needed.

Materials:  1 sheet of square paper

Creature Drawing

Draw the first nonhuman, living creature you see today. It could be real or from your imagination.

Instructor: Ms. Maria

This challenge is recommended for PK-2nd. grade. 

Parental assistance: Yes

All ages: Yes


Paper Project

by Ms. Sandra

Draw and cut this nature-inspired shape to install onto a window pane or cabinet door.

This challenge is recommended for 3-8 grade. 

Parental assistance as needed.

All ages: Yes

Design your Vision Board!

1. Define a few near-term and long-term goals.

2. Illustrate your goals using symbols, pictures, text, drawings.

3. Use your vision board to inspire you to get started on your plans!

Instructor: Ms. Maria
This challenge is recommended for 9-12 grade and above. 
May be adapted for younger students with parental assistance as needed.

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