Women in the Arts 

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Art Competition 2014 

"Celebrating the Genius of Women" at the Orlando Public Library 

  • 1st Place: Hope Lugo
  • 2nd. Place: Marsha De Broske
  • 3rd. Place: Heather Nagy
  • 4th. Place: Gloria Kohlmann
    Total awards: $1,500

Heather Nagy won the "Patron's Choice Award" for two of her pieces: "Detour" and "Ripples"
Gloria Kohlmann won the "Patron's Choice Award" for "Tibetan Girl"

Non-local and international artists: The jury team recognized featured artists: Diane Chanako, Sarasota, FL., and international artists Sandra Monsalve, Medellin, Colombia and Alejandra Rios, Cali, Colombia.